If you are interested to work in an illustrious and glamorous American table dance, welcome to New Dreams!
Our team is ready to welcome you in our two establishments located in Ostend and Kortrijk.

Located at the Belgian coast, Ostend is a beautiful seaside resort which hosts many tourists throughout the year and offers a pleasant living just a few steps from the sea.

With its many shopping centers and its proximity to Wallonia on one side and the French border on the other, Kortrijk is a charming, picturesque town where life is good!

If you are interested in working in both a casual and professional atmosphere, do not hesitate to join us! It is not necessary to be professional dancer, in the New Dreams great personality traits and kindness prevails.

We would like to highlight that the New Dreams offers a fantastic show and charming company, where any kind of sexuality is prohibited…
A gentleman’s conduct of our clients is our priority.

So see you soon perhaps!

Team New Dreams